The Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies has a strong set of values as written in the following polices:

All people whether they are: Executive, club members, guest riders, staff or guests are to be treated with respect, honesty, fairness and dignity. The TRCR encourages behaviours that support and create a respectful environment. Examples include:

  • Being polite, courteous and respectful of others.
  • When reviewing others ideas and suggestions, identifying what is workable about the proposal as well as areas for improvement.
  • Treating others equitably and fairly.
  • Listening to what others have to say.
  • Being open-minded to other ideas, comments and suggestions.
  • Seeking change through open and effective communication.
  • Seeking input and the active involvement of appropriate people in planning, decision-making and implementing initiatives.
  • Ensuring that all decision-making takes into account relevant factors, and is fair and seen to be fair.
  • Recognizing and valuing the diversity among members, staff, guests and riders.
  • Willingly and sincerely apologizing when something said or done has offended someone.

Inappropriate Behaviour

Behaviour and/or situations that run contrary to respectful, honest, fair and dignified treatment will not be tolerated.

Discrimination (as outlined by the Alberta Human Rights Act) of any kind will not be tolerated. Threats, drunkenness, violence, and foul and/or inappropriate language will not be tolerated.

Threats include any act, gesture or statement that gives a volunteer, club member, staff, rider or guest reasonable cause to believe that there is a risk of injury to themselves or another person either emotionally or physically or to the TRCR property.

At base camp, illegal drugs or excessive use of alcohol and/or marijuana will not be tolerated.

Along the trail:

  • All guests, members and staff are not allowed to consume alcohol and/or illegal drugs and/or marijuana during the day on the trail.
  • The outfitter retains the right to remove a guest or member in the event that he/she either cannot control their horse or does so in a manner that is endangering the horse, themselves, or others.

Consequences of Inappropriate Behaviour

The Executive officer and/or the Emcee may, at their discretion, take appropriate action to ensure a respectful environment.

The TRCR is committed to responding quickly to complaints about inappropriate behaviour and to resolve issues speedily, openly, honestly and with appropriate consideration for privacy and confidentiality. Every effort will be made to resolve conflicts fairly and amicably through effective communication. If necessary, further action could include barring a person from volunteer duties or from returning as a rider and/or barring that person from camp.

The TRCR is committed to supporting all parties involved in the resolution of issues pursuant to this policy and to ensuring that no one is subject to reprisals as a result of making a complaint or for providing information. All materials produced by the Executive become the property of the TRCR This includes materials such as TRCR minutes, reports, all photos sent to the TRCR by riders and/or guests, including those sent to the Townsend Photo competition which shall remain the property the TRCR.

Note: 92% of the population of Alberta speaks English and consequently business conducted with the TRCR is carried out in English. For safety reasons, all guests and members must be fluent in English. Further, we request that out of courtesy to all riders, English be spoken at all times except for the privacy of your own tent/teepee.

“We enjoyed our annual horseback rides in the Canadian Rockies for thirteen years. Each year we did not think it could get better, but it usually did. If you enjoy an outback adventure to see breathtaking panoramic vistas from the back of a horse and meeting new people from around the world, you will LOVE riding with TRCR. Food and accommodations were amazing in the wilderness!!!”

“This ENTIRE adventure was more than we ever expected. More than a dream but a life long satisfaction. WE WILL BE BACK!!”

“We just completed a terrific week with the TRCR. We would never have been able to access this fantastic country if it were not for this organization. One of our best vacations ever!”

“What an amazing week! Horses were great – energetic, confident and sure-footed. Guides were amazing, generously sharing their vast knowledge of the Rockies, the prairies and trail riding. All around an 11/10!”

“This trip was a dream come true. My friend and I spent a lot of time planning and preparing for this adventure, and we’re so happy that we finally did it. If there’s a little cowgirl/boy deep inside of you, I highly recommend that you give them life before the chance gets away from you. Highly recommended!”

“The whole experience far surpassed my expectations: the scenery was spectacular; the horses were steadfast and well cared for; the other riders were lots of fun and full of enthusiasm; the Emcee, trail leaders, and guest speakers were very knowledgeable; the food was great; the list could go on. I will definitely return next year!”

“So many good people are involved to make this a truly wonderful memory… but for me I was not disappointed with anything the rustic accommodation the food the horses the people the scenery all of it just the best time. Recommend highly.”

“5 days of riding wonderfully trained horses, Sleeping on cots in a teepee, scrumptious food, fantastic evening entertainment couldn’t ask for a more awesome adventure. Leave the city and stress behind, come on a ride with this great club!”

“My experience with the TRCR is one that I will never forget. I was given a special gift to go horseback riding, and I could not refuse. I would recommend this wonderful riding vacation to everyone!”

Challenging, rustic, and rewarding!

Just as our photographs couldn’t capture the majesty of the mountains through which we rode, it’s impossible to adequately describe the TRCR experience in a “snapshot” review. In July of 2017, after much anticipation, I rode with my two sisters on a six-day adventure. The trip exceeded my expectations in every way. Once my initial anxiety over riding again was quelled, I was free to enjoy vistas only accessible by hiking or on horseback: wildflower-rich prairies, breathtaking peaks, glacial tarns, ever-present wildlife, and awe-inspiring vantage points. The company was congenial, the food hearty and delicious, the cultural and historical lessons amazing, the fun contagious, and the experience…absolutely memorable. I recommend it unreservedly.

“I was so excited to complete a bucket list item the first time, had a lifelong experience the second time and can’t wait for the third time in 2018!! I might add that I have not laughed this hard in years!! New friends for life!”

“If you are looking for a fantastic outdoor adventure, this is it.
If you are looking to do and see things that love never dreamed of, this is it.
If you are looking to be around some amazing people and be cared for like family, this is it.

Thanks for making our family vacation a memorable one.”

“You don’t have to be an expert rider to be awe-inspired by the great horses and scenery you will enjoy each day. As one of our ride companions said, you get to feel a teensy bit like a cowboy, and who doesn’t want that??”

“If you are looking for something different with some challenge and the most breathtaking vistas you will ever see then do this trip. The TRCR staff is fantastic, the food is delicious and plentiful and the experience will absolutely change your life. We will be returning next year and many more.”


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