Photo Contest

In 1929 one of the “founding four” of the T.R.C.R. Reginald Townsend, who was the Editor of Country Life of America magazine and gave much publicity over the years to the T.R.C.R. decided to sponsor an amateur photography contest. He donated a splendid silver Trophy as first prize, and this T.R.C.R. tradition continues today. The cup is on display at the Annual General meeting and the winners receive an engraved plaque. Since the founding of the Townsend Trophy in 1929, incredibly beautiful trail ride photos have been reproduced in various magazines, brochures, newspaper articles, and now websites.

For your viewing pleasure, all photo contest entries and winners are presented. Enjoy!

Photo contest entries must be submitted by February and the winners are announced in May at the  T.R.C.R. annual general meeting.  Some of the photo contest winners are featured in the printed calendars.


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