What to Bring on Your Trail Ride Adventure

We are riding at high altitudes in the Rocky Mountains and the weather can vary from warm sunshine, to sudden downpours, to cold wet snow. Trail Riders can encounter temperatures ranging from +5°C (41°F) to +25°C (77°F) during the day, and from +10°C (50°F) to ‐5°C (23°F) during the night, depending on the weather. We suggest the following list of articles to bring so you will be warm and comfortable, regardless of the climate.


The main idea is to dress in layers:

  • A cowboy hat, or something to keep the sun off of you
  • Rain Hat
  • Warm Coat
  • Heavy Sweater and/or Vest
  • Light Jacket
  • Rain Slicker or Rain Suit. Light plastic or vinyl capes will not do! Do not bring ponchos. (These have a tendency to flap in the breeze and can spoke the horses.) Keep your rain gear with you at all times!
  • Riding Chaps (Optional)
  • Light Riding Gloves
  • Warm Gloves
  • Extra Large Rubber Gloves (Worn over warm gloves on cold wet days)
  • Extra Jeans
  • Extra Shirts
  • Extra Socks
  • Extra Underwear


  • Riding Boots (Work boots with heels are fine as they double as hiking boots – make sure they are water proof)
  • Light Shoes or Sneakers (for camp)
  • Rubber or other waterproof Boots
  • Hiking boots for those hikes around camp or at lunch breaks

For Sleeping

  • Good Quality Sleeping Bag (suitable for ‐10°C)
  • Foam Mattresses are provided
  • Woollen toque (ski hat) and Socks
  • Long Underwear
  • Sweat Suit with Hood


  • Personal Medications (It’s a long ride to the nearest drugstore!)
  • Camera
  • Extra Batteries (you will be taking LOTS of pictures – bring your camera charger too)
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sunscreen (Lotion) (a must!)
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Sunglasses
  • Bath Towel and Face Cloth
  • Flashlight & Extra Batteries
  • Facial Tissues
  • Soap and Shampoo (biodegradable)
  • Something to read
  • Small Saddle Bags or Fanny Pack (Optional) No backpacks while on a horse!
  • Liquid Refreshment


For guests traveling by air, you may want to consider packing your cowboy boots, shirt and jeans or any other items for the ride in your carry on. If your luggage gets delayed and it doesn’t arrive in time for your departure, you may look funny wearing swim trunks in the saddle! We have extra sleeping bags in camp if you need one. Saddle bags will be provided by the T.R.C.R.

Candy is a good idea and we do not sell alcohol. Please bring your own. Wine with our fantastic dinners is best in a box. Bring your joke books and some skit ideas if you like; we do have a selection of cards, games, books, etc. in camp for your leisure. Most importantly, leave your troubles and cares at home and bring your smiles and sense of humour. Be prepared for the “best vacation of your life” ™

What not to bring!

Do not bring any time type of electronic device; no headphones, iPads, iPods, cell phones, or any electronic device at all! Get “unplugged” for the week; it is good for the soul!

Reminder to all smokers: there is no smoking on the trail, (at rest areas only) and our polices are fairly strict in camp.