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Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies

2020 Trail Rides

Join us for, the Ride of your Life!

Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies

In 2020, the 97th annual ride of the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies (TRCR) will explore the trails in the Cascade Valley and at Halfway Lodge in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.

For the Cascade Valley including Stoney Creek, the camp, although “rustic and wilderness,” has private accommodations for individuals, families and friends, in walled tents, complete with raised cots and mattresses. Where possible, riders select their own tent mates, particularly with families or friends wishing to be together. Hearty meals are served in a large dining tent and we have plenty of hot water, washing tents, and dry toilets.

For the lodge trip, at Sundance Lodge, you’ll be pampered in backcountry luxury, sleeping in a comfortable bed and dining on gourmet cuisine whipped up by your talented host in the professional kitchen. You’ll be surrounded by the beautiful backcountry of Banff, yet you’ll still enjoy the luxuries of life. Halfway Lodge, has propane lanterns and candles providing lighting and a woodstove providing warmth; it hasn’t changed much in the last 80 years.

We have a set dinner menu so please let us know of allergies and or dietary concerns (accommodations may be made where possible).

In evenings there will be a campfire or gathering at the fireplace for a sing-along or perhaps entertainment and educational talks. All this fun while the professional staff looks after the food, the horses, and your safety and well-being. Each ride has an Emcee who is responsible ensuring the success of the ride. The Head guide is responsible for all the horses and safety issues and carries a first aid kit.

Please do bring your camera and be prepared to use it continually!

Trail Riding

Bring your binoculars and camera every day!

Expect to see no one else except your fellow trail riders this week. Also, enjoy the fact that there is no cell phone or internet coverage.

All rides are weather dependent and subject to change. Riders have the option of staying in camp any day to rest and relax.


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