Trail Rider Testimonials & Reviews

The Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies was an adventuresome vacation for my husband and I. We thoroughly enjoyed each and every day, whether it was raining or not. The scenery was magnificent, the trails well guided by FANTASTIC people, the food was like eating at a 5** restaurant, meeting new riders that we loved, laughing and enjoying each other every day AND night!! Even the shower that was built under the stars was delightful! Every day had its own world of wonder, turning a corner on the trail brought more and more magic. This ENTIRE adventure was more than we ever expected. More than a dream but a life long satisfaction. WE WILL BE BACK!!

June from Orlando, Florida

We just completed a terrific week with the TRCR. Our group of fellow travellers gelled almost instantly and we had a lot of fun together. The campsite was very comfortable, the food delicious, the horses, wranglers, and rides incredible. As we are novice riders, this trip was at the edge of our comfort zone but everyone worked hard to make us safe and welcome. In addition, there were options that tested very experienced riders. We would never have been able to access this fantastic country if it were not for this organization. One of our best vacations ever!

Jan from London, Ontario

What an amazing week! My tween daughter, my mother and I just spent a week with Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies. The week we rode, we were a total group of 19 who came together as strangers and ended the week with deep and lasting memories of the time we spent together.

If you’re comfortable camping in the outdoors, you’ll feel like royalty! The camp is set up ahead of time and lodging includes tents or teepees, simple cots with mattresses (what? no rock sticking in my back from my deflated air mattress?). Camp cooks prepare fabulous, homemade meals, which is a total luxury after coming back from a long trail ride; entertainment is optional and fun; and the trail riding is challenging and rewarding.

Although many of us were fairly experienced riders, the beginners were treated to amazing trail rides options that were both scenic and met their comfort level.

Horses were great – energetic, confident and sure-footed. Guides were amazing, generously sharing their vast knowledge of the Rockies, the prairies and trail riding.

All around an 11/10!

Beth from Vancouver, B.C.

“Wow!! These guides really know how to provide a back country ride. I have ridden with many outfits and Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies are the best.”

“Fantastic experience! We have been on 6-day horseback rides with TRCR for the last 13 years. Each summer has been a unique experience filled with awe-inspiring scenery, great horses and guides, terrific food, and meeting many wonderful people. For us it has become an annual gathering of relatives and returning riders from previous years, as well as meeting new people from around the world.”

“My 13 year old daughter & I thoroughly enjoyed our 6 day trail ride in Banff’s backcountry. Our camp was nestled next to a river at the base of a majestic mountain. With no electronics and despite being the only child on the ride, my daughter flourished in this wild & beautiful environment, making many wonderful new friends amongst both our fellow trail riders and the staff. We loved bush whacking in the pristine mountains…no crowds, no litter, no texting just alpine beauty delivered via the backs of our trusty steeds. I’ve always been suspicious of the quality of “rental horses” but the responsive & sure footed horses on the TRCR ride were a credit to our outfitter and the staff were very helpful & friendly. And we ate like kings…all in all, a truly exceptional experience.”

~ Rachel – Sherwood Park Alberta

“A most memorable experience. I have been on two trail rides with TRCR and loved them both. The staff, camp setup, food, horses, wranglers, trails and overall camaraderie were fantastic. The wranglers selected a horse that matched my riding ability and I was able to keep up and ride comfortably with the other riders. The food was amazing and I loved sleeping in the teepees. Seeing parts of the parks that most people never get to experience was something very special. These rides were one of the best experiences that I have ever had!”

“Even as a novice horse rider, I had a fabulous trip and the staff took care of our every need.”

“As a total antidote to the crowds in Banff and surrounding areas two friends and I took a road less travelled with the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies. What a wonderful experience. Great horses that were well matched to the experience or lack thereof of their riders. The scenery was amazing and the horses were quiet enough to photograph or just experience it at our leisure. The food was outstanding,especially when you consider that most of it was cooked from scratch with a gas stove and a wood stove. The quiet and tranquillity were amazing, as all supplies and equipment is packed in by mule (and what a great way to maintain traditional skills) so no motors to jar the hearing. For those that were out and about after dark the night sky was spectacular with no light pollution to mar the stars. A little riding experience would be helpful although not necessary with the ever helpful staff on hand to help anyone that wasn’t quite coping with the horseback thing. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to experience the Canadian Rockies and get away from it all…..strictly no wifi or cell phone reception, a great break from the hustle and bustle of modern life.”

~ Jennie M – Dunedin, New Zealand

“We had a great time. We had never ridden before, and I have to say, the horses were the best, were good and patient with their new riders. The cowboys and cowgirl were very attentive and great help when ever needed, and they were great fun, too. Can’t say enough for the cooks as the meals were the best and all made from scratch. Amazing! Enjoyed the company very much as always all were good for a laugh or two. Never missed the electronics and we made our own music. This definitely was a great way to see the Rockies, and what great scenery. Loved all the wild flowers, all was so colourful.”

~ Rex & Cathy – Edmonton, Alberta

“If you want to escape the crowds and get into the majestic Canadian Rockies this is the way to do in. We saw no other people during our ride and had spectacular places to ourselves. Some riding experience would be helpful however the horses are well mannered and sure footed. so you can soak up the scenery without watching your step. Beginner and experienced riders were very well matched with their mounts. Guides and staff are very knowledgeable and nothing appeared to be too much trouble…….champagne was served to the shower queue!!!!!!!! The food is divine and plentiful, our belts needed letting out a hole by the end of the week We had a super compatable group and we have many new friends. Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies are superb and I would love to return.”

~ Ruth-Ann – New Zealand

“I went a few years ago, on a ride out of Banff. I hadn’t been on a horse for over 30 years and I had an absolutely awesome time. Food was good, and the people, guides and staff were great. But nothing beats the ‘Cowboy coffee’. If you have never had some, you are missing the best coffee in the world. The scenery was terrific, weather was great and the horses were bombproof. If you want a holiday were you come back totally relaxed and wanting more, I highly recommend going with Trail riders of The Canadian Rockies. I will be going again.”

~ Jim B Edmonton – Alberta

“I have been going on these trail rides for over 20 years and have never done anything that even compares. I really, really enjoy being around the horses and the special bond made with all the people. The guides and staff are very caring and knowledgeable. Great cooks, great food, and quality horses. I like being in the wilderness where very few people have been. The mountains are spectacular. Such spender! I look forward to and get excited about the ride every year and come back home with a clearer mind and better attitude. There is something therapeutic about this place. The Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies know how to make this a very special adventure.”

~ Vicky B – Arkansas

“We had an awesome time. The horses were wonderful (we wanted to bring both of ours home), the guides were informative, helpful, and very entertaining. The cooks were excellent, the food was always outstanding. O’yeah the scenery was unbelievable. We hope to be able to this again someday. Thank you -Thank you -Thank you.”

~ Jim and Gina

“Each year that I ride with TRCR my expectations are always exceeded. The beauty of the Canadian Rockies bring me literally to tears each year. There is great care to ensure that the meals are delicious and sleeping arrangement very comfortable. The wranglers have always been supportive of my needs and teach me something new each year. The comradery shared with others, whom also have a love for adventure and nature, can’t be beat. It’s a breath of fresh air, figuratively and literally.“

~ Julie Davenport – Dallas, TX

“Last summer, I overcame some fears as a city slicker of a ‘certain age’ and spent a week on horse-back with TRCR – it was the experience of a lifetime! The scenery was absolutely spectacular and the whole ride was a pleasure. Not being an experienced horse person, I was pleased be matched with a suitable horse; the wranglers were easy going, friendly and happy to answer any question. Camp was very comfortable, with superb food and accommodation. Every day trip was a new adventure, each one different and memorable in its own right. Staff was excellent – friendly, helpful and laid back while thinking of every detail to make each day perfect. The other guests were a pleasure, from all walks of life and each one bringing something special to the ride. This is indeed the experience of a lifetime, and one which will delight everyone with a love of the outdoors and the Rockies. I just signed up today for the ride this summer. Join the ride – you will not be disappointed!”

~ Ann B – Calgary, AB

“Started as a Novice and ended wanting to ride each year for many years, became a lifetime member. We called TRCR the Club Med of the Rockies. Everything, extremely well organized, Excellent Outfitters chose the BEST staff, Excellent horses, and most of all, Comfortable Saddles, no we did not get sore for the whole ride. Food cooked in the wilderness, was unbelievable. Unexplainable, the feeling, riding high in the mountain passes & alpine meadows, spectacular views, & Kodak Moments. Made it possible to explore many unique parts of the National Park. Living in a Teepee a fun way to spend a week. Interesting people, all ages & walks of life, now lifetime friends. Thanks Trail Riders you are a Hidden Gem to be found.”

~ Sandy – Maple Ridge, B.C.

“Do you want the best Holiday ever Come and ride with the trail riders and experience the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and fellowship of the other riders. Wonderful. I have been doing it for 50 years.!!!”

~ George Edgelow – Kelowna B.C.

“I have been loving riding on horseback in the Canadian Rockies with the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies for 40 years, not every year but a good chunk of them. Rides are usually 6 day trips into the back country of the truly fabulous Alberta Rockies stretching from Waterton to Banff and Jasper. The rides are in to a central camp of teepees and wall tents where most everything is supplied including horses, saddles, guides, cooks, wholesome food and comfortable cots. All you really require is your own sleeping bag and clothes and the desire to enjoy wonderful mountain scenery.”

~ Jean Goode – Virginia, U.S.A.

“We have been on 6-day horseback rides with TRCR for the last 13 years. Each summer has been a unique experience filled with awe-inspiring scenery, great horses and guides, terrific food, and meeting many wonderful people. For us it has become an annual gathering of relatives and returning riders from previous years, as well as meeting new people from around the world. We currently have a German exchange student in our area as a result of our meeting on a ride a few years ago. I can’t say enough good things about TRCR rides – you have to experience it for yourself.”