New Day Rides

Waterton Lakes National Park offers the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies more areas and day rides in which to explore than we have time to visit. In addition, it allows us to customize each of our daily rides based upon the following factors:

  1. Time
  2. Weather conditions
  3. Riding ability of the guests

For example, one day last summer, we rode as a group up the Snowshoe Valley. There we had lunch and broke into three distinct groups. A few of our older guests decided to stay at our lunch spot. Three guests that were beginner riders took a short easy and scenic ride into Twin Lakes. The rest of our more venturesome group rode to the top of Avion Ridge way above the tree line to 8500 feet; something for everyone. This situation is unique in Waterton and allows us to satisfy the needs of every guest on every ride.

With that in mind, we are pleased to announce new day rides for 2017 which will be added to our regular inventory of incredible places to visit in Waterton Lakes National Park.

Alderson Lake/Carthew Summit

The trail begins in Waterton Village and after a gradual ascent of about 7 km., you will see a beautiful turquoise lake set against one of the highest sheer cliffs in Waterton. Trout fishing is available. (Note: Parks Canada licenses are required). Beginner riders can return to Waterton on the same trail while the hardy and adventuresome riders, can continue after lunch to Lower and then Upper Carthew Lakes, then up screed slopes to the Carthew Ridge that reveals a truly spectacular view. You can see clearly into Glacier National Park in the State of Montana as well as looking towards the prairies of Alberta. Descending through an alpine forest you will arrive at Cameron Lake where the shuttle will return you to camp.

Wishbone Trail to Loon Lake

From the Waterton stables this is a good beginners ride or one to take on a bad weather day. Riding through an Aspen forest, the “Wishbone trail” is used to take riders to Loon Lake for a lunch stop. Expect to see black bears and elk!

Goat Lake

This will be for the experienced riders only and will entail switchbacks and at the base of Avion Ridge there lies a delicate subalpine lake, Goat Lake, surrounded by a mix of forest and meadows. The mountain goats and bighorn sheep for which the lake was named, live among the cliffs and scree slopes above the lake. We ride through the cool canopy of a mature forest with a spectacular variety of wildflowers; Indian Paintbrush in a dozen shades thrive in the summer as do the creamy Mariposa Lilies and Yellow Columbine. There is one steep stretch of about 200 yards where we will take a break from riding and lead our horses before arriving at the Lake for lunch. After our picnic, you are welcome to hike the area and again experience incredible alpine vistas and wildflowers. (Note: it will be the head guides discretion as to which riders will be capable of going on this trip. The trip is also weather dependent.)

Lone Lake

An easy to intermediate ride, the Lone Lake Trail branches south from the junction at the end of the Blakiston Valley Trail from Red Rock Canyon. One of Waterton’s features is its abundant wildlife. The scree slopes and meadows around Lone Lake are part of the summer range of bighorn rams. Unlike mountain goats, bighorn sheep spend the winter congregated at lower elevations, but come summer, most rams leave the and ewes lambs and head back to the high alpine regions. After lunch at the lake, we will return down through Blakiston Valley.

Join us this summer for these incredible and amazing day trips!