1. Am I the right fit for this trail ride?

If you are looking to explore incredible scenery which is only accessible either on horseback or by foot; if you’re looking for a wilderness adventure in relative comfort; if you’re looking to meet and make new friends; if you’re looking to get “disconnected” from our society for six days and “cleanse your soul;” if you looking for great food and fun; if you’re looking to have new experiences and enjoy live Western cowboy entertainment, then the answer is yes!

2. Am I fit enough to attend a ride like this?

Our riders range in age from 8 to 88 (actually our oldest was 91) and we do have many people that are in their “senior years.”  Our guests need to be reasonably fit and not excessively overweight. (Our weight restriction is 225 pounds)

3. How good of a rider do I need to be?

We do accept people that have never been on a  horse before, but it is not our first choice or our recommendation. All guests should have ridden in their life before and we prefer that they “brush up” a little bit for the ride. A good riding stable in your area can make you a good enough rider for us in a matter of a few hours. The head guide is at the front of the line and rides at a steady walk. We suggest beginners ride right behind him. Since the horses are strung out in a line there are many opportunities where they “catch-up” and trotting and the odd gallop is available to more advanced riders. Each rider should know how to “post.”  Part of our trails will involve rocky areas and some climbing and walking your horse is the only way we can get up these mountain trails. Generally we separate our rides into groups at some point during the day with beginners having an easier ride and the more advanced people having some more challenging riding.

4. What do I need to do to prepare for this trip?

Brush up on your riding before the trip; check the website for the “What to Bring” list make sure you have all the correct gear; read through the history on our website; read the Emcee letter and rider’s guide that you will find in the Welcome package that will be sent to you about a month before your ride starts. You are responsible for booking your own travel and hotel accommodations including the night before and after at the Acclaim hotel in Calgary.

5. Do I have the right equipment?

Check our “What to Bring” list on the website.

6. Is there ice for chilling my beer and other drinks?

No, we are in a wilderness situation and do not have the ability to make ice. However we do have a very cold creek nearby and you are welcome to store beverages there.

7. What is the cost?

All of the cost information is on a menu title on the main homepage menu. Just scroll down….

8. What is there to do before or after the ride in the Calgary area?

There are several links on our website. If you have any questions please contact us and will be more than help happy to help you with travel suggestions.

9. What currency should I use in Alberta Canada?

“ When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”  Use Canadian cash (ATM’s are everywhere), your debit or credit card. We do not recommend using US cash as it is unlikely that vendors will give you a fair exchange rate.

10. Will I be able to charge batteries for cameras and phones?

Yes.  Please note: phones can only be used for the purpose of taking pictures. We encourage everyone to disconnect for the week which means no video games, no iPads, no Internet etc. (which is really easy since there is no Internet connection or cell coverge anyway!)

11. How will I be able to mount a tall horse if I am a short person?

When you complete the registration form you will be asked your age, weight, height and riding ability. We will do our utmost to give you a compatible horse. Any person that needs help mounting or dismounting a horse will receive it from our staff.

12. Do I need to do any “work?”

No!  Our goal is to spoil you all week and introduce you to our Western cowboy culture. (you will love our food!)

13. What happens if I get sick and need medical attention on the trail?

Our licensed guides are required to be certified in first-aid; we have first-aid kits on the trail and we have an extensive first-aid kit in camp. If you are well enough to be evacuated by horse then you will be, and in the event of a serious accident, the STARS helicopter ambulance operates 24/7. Guests are reminded to bring their own personal medications with them.

Note: It is strongly recommended that ALL guests purchase both travel and health insurance. Non-Canadian residents especially should carry adequate health coverage. Also note our cancellation polices under the Terms section.

14. What are your washing and washroom facilities?

Our camp is complete with separate cowgirl and cowboy indoor wash facilities with washbasins and hot and cold water. We have a private hot shower (in a tent) and dry toilets. Along the trail there are no washroom facilities at all but there are lots of trees! Bring your own toilet paper and carry it in the saddlebags that we will provide for you.

15. What are your cancellation polices?

Please note that our cancellation policies are non-negotiable. For this reason, we strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance!  Your balance is due 90 days prior to trip departure. We anticipate a strong demand for this year’s ride, and we strongly encourage you to register and pay your ride deposit as soon as possible.  See details under Terms and Conditions.

16. Do you supply or require riding helmets?

No and no…but a hat is a must as the sun can be very intense at high elevations. Be western! Bring a cowboy hat!

17. Do I sign a wavier?

Each rider will be required to sign two waivers releasing the outfitter and the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies from all risks. Safety experts recommend hard hats and narrow boots, and we do not supply these items.

Note: 92% of the population of Alberta speaks English and consequtently business conducted with the TRCR is carried out in English. For safety reasons, all guests and members must be fluent in English. Further, we request that out of courtesy to all riders, English be spoken at all times except for the privacy of your own tent/teepee.

18. What are the accommodations?

We provide native Indian style canvas Teepees and canvas wall tents. Each one accommodates two people on raised cots with mattresses. Just bring a WARM sleeping bag, rated at -10C, although it rarely gets below freezing. It can be quite warm some nights.

In addition, we have 3, 3-4 person tents for families.

19. What is the typical gratuity amount for the trip?

Obviously, gratuities are optional, but are very much appreciated by our hard-working staff. We suggest between $175 to $250 per guest. The gratuities are collected on the last night in camp by one of the guests and given with a signed card to the head guide and they are distributed equally amongst all of the staff. Therefore, please bring your cash gratuities into camp with you.

20. Can I expect to see wildlife?

That depends upon where we are. For the last three years in Waterton, we have seen more wildlife than we have seen in years….

Castle Provincial Park is a different area and yes, we will problably see wildlife, but there is no guarantee. Either way, a camera is a must!

Further questions? Email us anytime.