Board Meeting October 13

We are very pleased to announce that after the devastating fire at Alpine Stables last month, they are re-building! Parks Canada has been most cooperative and “fast tracking” the various building and environmental permits etc. Parks is also cleaning the area of debris. In meeting with Deb Watson two weeks ago, she told me that they plan to start construction of a new barn and corrals before Christmas and be open by May 1st.

The condition of Waterton park is another issue. The best that can be determined at the moment is that about 50% of the back country will not be useable in 2018 and perhaps longer. With that in mind, we are in negotiations with Alpine for a whole new area and project for 2018. Stay tuned….

Christine Hamilton, the senior editor of Western Horseman magazine has a blog about one of her day rides with us last summer. Her feature article about the Trail Riders will be published in the February 2018 holiday issue.

Fanzi Middrup who works for a tour operator in Germany attended the last ride and continues to post to social media. We will be seeing Franzi and her boss Rainer Scoff in Victoria next month at the annual Canada West Marketplace convention.

Our 2018 website is being developed and registrations for 2018 will begin on November 20th. Including Emcees, we already have 25 people ready to register and they are mostly new riders! Once the site is operational, you will need to book soon as we are again limited to 100 riders only for the 2018 season.

A new member has joined our board! Jim Bradbury from Florida “attended” last week’s meeting via WebEx. The connections worked well and Jim has already proven to be a valuable addition. Thank-you Jim!